Purchase Programs

Martin Oil Company offers its customers a variety of Purchase Discounts and Payment Options.  A description of each can be found on this page. They include:

   Purchase Discounts:

Prompt Pay - "Ten in Ten" Discount, Senior Citizen Discount, Volume Discount, Refer a Friend, Team Up Discount

Purchase & Payment Options:

Cash or Credit, $1,000 Club, Budget Plan, Automated Payment Plan, LIHEAP Energy Assistance


Purchase Discounts

Prompt Pay - "Ten in Ten" Discount

We offer a 10¢ per gallon discount on home heating oil, and certain other deliveries, for prompt cash payment. The discount is earned if payment is made at the time of delivery, or if it's received in our office within ten calendar days. A priced delivery invoice will be left by our driver at your door. It will show the amount you can deduct if the invoice is paid in full within ten days. The line on the invoice marked "PLEASE PAY THIS AMOUNT" is the total price without the Prompt Pay Discount. An envelope to mail your check or money order is provided.

Here are some other points to note:

  • Our Prompt Pay Discount applies even if you receive a Senior Citizen or Volume Discount
  • Automatic Delivery customers may receive the discount, if payment is received within ten days.
  • Priority Interest customers already receive the Prompt Pay discount. Commercial Bid customers receive special pricing, so are not eligible for the Prompt Pay Discount. 
  • Budget customers do not receive the Prompt Pay Discount because payment is spread over twelve months. You may switch from Budget and begin paying your entire balance in full within ten days, if you prefer. But you must call to end Budget participation.
  • If you don't live where the fuel is delivered (for example, if you have a rental property or business) you can be set up as a "Key Off" account. (KO) appears after your account name. A Key Off invoice will not be left; it will be sent to the mailing address on the account. We send out invoices daily. The Prompt Pay discount will still be earned if the bill is paid within ten days from the date of delivery. Please call to be set up as a Key Off account.


Senior Citizen Discount

Seniors age 62 or older receive a 2¢ per gallon discount on home heating fuels for their primary residence. Please tell us when you qualify. Please note that the 2¢ Senior Citizen Discount does not appear as a separate item on your invoice. It is included in determining your price per gallon.

Volume Discounts

For residential heating fuel, our base price is offered on deliveries of 100 to 274 gallons. (Delivery of less than 100 gallons is made at an additional cost per gallon.) Discounts are given for deliveries over 275 gallons. Discounts are also offered to farm and other high volume commercial users.

Refer a Friend

Refer a new account to Martin or Twin Oil.  You and your friend will save 5¢ off per gallon.  "Refer a Friend" refers to new accounts, as determined by Martin Oil.  This discount cannot be combined for more than 5¢ maximum.  If more than one Friend is referred, the 5¢ discount may be used on subsequent deliveries.  The Friend must receive delivery before discounts apply.  Discounts applies to the next heating oil delivery, of 100 to 1000 gallons.

Team Up Discount

Purchase gas at any Martin General Store location or Reighard's Gold Star Service Station and receive a discount on your heating oil!  Fill up your car 5 times, and save up to 5¢ off per gallon on home heating oil.  Pick up a Team Up card at any store or Martin Oil office.  More details are available on the back of the card or you can call Martin Oil Company.

Purchase and Payment Options

Cash or Credit Terms

Martin Oil Company offers a variety of Payment Options. 30 day payment terms are available to qualified customers. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards are also accepted.


$1,000 Club

$1,000 Club takes the place of the Pre-Buy and Price Assurance programs that were offered in the past.  With $1,000 Club, customers can...

  • Earn 3% Annual Interest by maintaining a $1000 credit balance
  • Receive deep discounts off the current price...15¢ per gallon or more on Residential Accounts (13¢ for Commercial Accounts)
  • Enjoy the convenience and benefits of pre-payment
  • Eliminate the risk of locking in a fixed price

The $1,000 Club fuel price is based on the current rate at the time of each delivery.  Participating customers then receive a 5¢ per gallon $1,000 Club discount, plus our 10¢ per gallon for Prompt Payment.  The corresponding discount is 3¢ per gallon for Commercial Accounts (13¢ with prompt pay discount.)  Senior Citizens and volume discounts also apply--saving you even more.

Entrance into the program is not restricted to a set time.  The program restarts in June of each year.  Call us for further details, or for an application.

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan divides your estimated annual fuel cost into 12 level monthly payments.  You may join the budget program at any time. The amount is based on your past purchase history. The price charged at each delivery will be our current market price. Automatic Delivery is not required. There is no charge for participation. Please call our Credit Department at 800-252-3868 to join.

Automated Payment Plan

If you authorize an automatic bank draft, you need never write another check. Your fuel bill is deducted from the account you choose. There is no charge for this service, but you'll see savings in stamps, checks, and time. Please call our Credit Department at 800-252-3868 to set up Automated Payment.

LIHEAP Energy Assistance

We are a long-time participant in PA's LIHEAP Energy Assistance programs, in every county we serve.

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